Faith MacIntyre
Age: 22
Narrator, blogger,  and our voice from beyond the end of the world.
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Family: sister died four years ago, mother moved out of touch three years ago, father currently missing, presumed alive.

Jack Thorpe (Thorpe)
Age: early 30s
Fireman and the group’s major muscle. Longterm partner killed at first rainfall (Trevor).
Family: none.

Age: early 20s
Faith’s childhood and best friend. Discovered with the Sharks, he left them to join the Seekers and hasn’t looked back since.
Family: estranged.

Age: late 20s
Badly injured during a fight with the shamblers and had to be carried/supported by the Seekers, most often Thorpe. Now recovered and back on his feet, he has joined the Seekers on their journey.
Family: unknown

Age: 20s
Picked up off the street. Spent the time since the bomb looking after his sister. Got close to Jersey before her secret was revealed, and left with the Seekers to get away from her.
Family: sister, Tia

Age: late teens
Picked up off the street, barely alive. Nursed back to health by the Seekers and her brother.
Family: brother, Terry

Dan Wu
Age: 40s
Picked up off the street. Speaks very little and generally stays out of everyone’s way.
Family: unknown

Age: early 20s
Most vocal of the Wolverines, tends to hit first and ask questions later. Discovered to be a cross-dresser, presumably to protect herself. Recently burned by the rain.
Family: unknown

At The University

Age: early 20s
Ex-junkie. Currently pregnant and partnered with Masterson. Bears an acid burn that she fears might kill her or mutate the baby, or both.
Family: estranged.

Dr David Masterson
Age: late 30s
Medical doctor and ex-junkie. Partnered with Sally and assumed to be responsible for her current condition.
Family: wife and young daughter killed by the rain.

Age: 8
Suffered a serious head injury, and has not spoken much since. Real name unknown.
Family: unknown.

Dr Kostoya
Age: 60s
Chemistry professor and researcher discovered at the university. He is unravelling the mysteries behind the rain, Sickness and shamblers, and is conducting experiments.
Family: unknown

Age: late 20s
Movie and comic geek with a penchant for hitting shamblers with a baseball bat.
Family: unknown

Age: late 50s
Pulled off the road by the Seekers when fleeing from the shamblers. She was found with her husband, Norman, but he went missing and is believed to be dead (possibly at Ben’s hands).
Family: husband deceased

Age: 11/12 years old
Picked up off the street. Though he asks about his sister often, she was never seen by the Seekers.
Family: twin sister, missing presumed dead.

Age: 30s
Picked up off the street. Seems well-adjusted to the current situation and reliable.
Family: married to Tom.

Age: 30s
Picked up off the street. Often tells tales about the history of the land around the evening fire.
Family: married to Janice.

Faith’s friend until she slept with Cody. Found with the notorious group, the Pride, as the main partner of the Pride’s leader, Kingston. Picked up again later running from the shamblers, with a story about the Pride falling Sick and turning into the wave they’re fleeing.
Affiliation: The Pride.

Picked up by the Seekers with Bree. A new initiate with the Pride before they fell.
Affiliation: The Pride.

Age:  late teens
Picked up with Bree but claimed to never have been a part of the Pride. Bree discovered him during her flight from the shamblers, after the Pride had fallen apart.