Wednesday, 17 December 2008 - 7:38 pm

Shiny new thing!

So, here it is.  A brand new blog, just for me.  I have thrown away my Facebook login, and my Myspace details.  Who needs ’em?  I don’t, that’s who.  I have everything I need, right here.

I never wanted that whole interactive journal thing anyway.  Or the community.  Or the old schoolfriends finding me after years and miles have passed between us.  Or the cute little notes left while I was at work or asleep to let me know that someone, somewhere, was thinking about me.

Okay, I really did.  But the dream went sour and the messages turned into venom.  Now I’m here, with a fresh skin and new look.  And an utterly clean friendslist. 

This is a good thing.  It’s terrifying and more than a little bit pathetic, but I have to start somewhere.  I’ve done the part where I curl up into a little ball and cry because the whole world hates me.  I’ve done the part where I compulsively check my wall and my email to find that yes, it has, in fact, managed to get worse.

I have no idea where they got the pictures.  I have a couple of suspicions, but I hope I never find out.  And it was the lies that were the worst, anyway.  The lies, and the truths that I didn’t know until it was far, far too late.


I didn’t want to start with this!  I wanted a clean slate.  I wanted to leave all this behind.  But I guess you can’t.  I guess the things that happen to you just crawl in and makes themselves at home.  Put their feet up on your mental couch and ask for another drink.

Well, that’s fine.  Here, have another drink.  I’ll drink with you, toast this new start and promise that it’s going to be better than what came before.  This is a new me, a new Faith, one who’s done crying and feeling sorry for herself, one who’s done listening to the lies and the poison.  As soon as I post this, I am going to wash my face and tidy my hair, put on something sexy and go out.


Watch out world, you won’t know what’s hit you.