Past Cast Members

Age: 13
Faith’s shadow and the first to join her after the bomb went off. He hasn’t been far from her since then, and grew to be one of her closest friends.
Family: located just a little too late.
Status: deceased, killed defending the Seekers.

Age: late 20s
Fireman and Faith’s current partner. One of the original Seekers, he contracted the Sickness and somehow survived it. He left the group to pursue a personal errand, with promises to return. On his return, it was discovered that he had been changed by the Sickness and was forced to eat people to survive. Shot by Faith when he attacked Matt.
Family: sister and nephew discovered dead.
Status: deceased.

Age: late 20s
Picked up off the street. Shell-shocked and uncommunicative, but she does as she’s asked. Killed and eaten by Ben, though he claimed it was an accident.
Family: unknown, but believed to be recently dead.
Status: deceased.

He’s a ginger tom. That means he’s a cat. Suspected to have been killed (and eaten) by Ben.
Status: missing, presumed dead.

Age: late teens
Picked up with Bree after the Pride’s fall. He was a Pride wannabe, working towards initiation, when the group fell Sick. He was injured and Sick when he was picked up, and went missing sometime on the journey with the Seekers. Bree believed he died of the Sickness, but Seekers suspect that he was killed by Ben.
Status: deceased.

Age: early 20s
Took over the Wolverines when Rico fell Sick. Had a nasty streak a mile wide.
Status: deceased (killed by shamblers)

Age: 20s
Leader of the Wolverines until he got the Sickness.
Status: Shambler

Age: late teens
Injured in a tussle with shamblers and later fell Sick.
Status: Shambler

Alice Redfield
Age: 15
Dillon’s neighbour and friend. She lost half her face and an eye to the acid rain, along with her parents and little sister Claire. Left the group and went to join the Rats. Later discovered with the Sickness at the Rats’ mall.
Affiliation: Rats.
Family: immediate family deceased.
Status: last seen suffering from the Sickness.

Age: late 50s
Saxophone busker, grandfather and electronic dabbler. Real name unknown.
Family: daughter and her family missing, presumed dead.
Status: shambler.

Fire crew chief, Thorpe and Ben’s boss. Led the group briefly.
Status: killed at first rainfall.

Fireman and crewmate of Thorpe and Ben. Discovered to be Thorpe’s longterm partner.
Status: killed at first rainfall.

Serial complainer.
Status: missing, presumed dead.

Motherly woman who escorted Nugget and another child from the wreckage of the CBD.
Status: missing, presumed dead.

Rescued from a burning building in the CBD.
Status: died from his injuries.

Faith’s ex-boyfriend. They split up after Faith found out about Cody and Bree. No contact since the bomb went off.
Status: unknown.

Worked with Faith at the bookstore. Is known to have not been working the day the bomb went off, and so wasn’t in the building when it came down. No contact since the bomb went off.
Status: unknown.