Here is a handy guide to the categories of the Apocalypse Blog, when they fall and what they mean. The categories are designed to be ‘chapters’, grouping Faith’s adventures into consecutive blocks.

Before the End
17th – 23rd December 2008
Faith starts a new blog, chronicling her ordinary-life adventures.

The End of the World
24th – 31st December 2008
The title says it all, really.

1st –  10th January 2009
Faith and her friends leave the centre of the city behind. Heading for help at the hospital, they try to come to terms with everything that has happened.

The Hospital
11th – 24th January 2009
Faith’s group reaches the hospital, but it isn’t all that they had hoped. Now they must decide what comes next for them. The healing is not what they expected.

25th January – 27 February 2009
Having decided where they want to go and what to do, the group sets out to see if they can find their families. Along the way, they come to realise that there’s a new family forming in the group.

28 February – 6th April 2009
On their trek to locate their friends and family, Faith’s group begins to hear some disturbing stories from other survivors. Vicious attacks by strange people, a terrible sickness, and a particularly violent gang loom around them.

7th April – 4th May 2009
Just when they are making real progress in their journey, health suddenly becomes a problem for Faith and her friends. When they lose one of their own, they discover a disturbing truth about the sickness and the mindless attackers that have torn through group after group.

5th – 28th May 2009
No-one wants to say the z-word, but there is no denying that there is something deadly familiar about the symptoms of the shamblers plaguing the Seekers’ footsteps.

29th May – 26th June 2009
To battle the shambling attackers, the Seekers have teamed up with another group – the Wolverines. Now, they all have to make adjustments, and not all of them are palatable.

Familiar Faces
27th June – 11th July 2009
The return of some old friends and enemies raises more questions for the Seekers, while their ranks swell. As the numbers of shamblers increase, so do the numbers of refugees fleeing them.

12th July – 2nd August 2009
The mysteries circling the Seekers are finally being uncovered. Secrets within the group are made public and answers about what’s really going on in the world are discovered, including the true origins of the shamblers and the Sickness. Faith has to face a painful choice, with tragic consequences.

3rd – 23rd August 2009
It is time for the Seekers to move on again. Their numbers are smaller now and they have a few new names on their roster. Old friends are left behind. Still pushing on towards the hope of some organisation left in the world, Faith has to come to terms with losses, her own actions, and the changes wrought by the bomb that went off eight months ago.

24th August – 19th October 2009
As food supplies run critically low, the Seekers push on towards their last destination – the source of the radio signal that has been looping over the air waves for months. There they find an army base that threatens to change everything.

Great Escape
20th October – 30th November 2009
Things in Haven reach breaking point, and Faith and the Seekers decide that they have to leave. Haven doesn’t want to let them go, which means that they must somehow escape from an armed base. The question becomes about where they go next.

The Farm
1st – 31st December 2009
There is one last sliver of hope left for the Seekers – to find a place where they can grow food and build a future. Battling shamblers, doubt, and a saboteur, can they make it work? And have they finally found the place they have been Seeking?