Sunday, 25 January 2009 - 4:21 pm

Running dry

Our first port of call today was a shopping precinct.  We might have the big plan agreed now, we might have worked out where we’re aiming for and have a line drawn on a map, but we still need to worry about the mundane details.  Like the food supplies and the water we’re going to need to walk that line.

The stores were a bust, at least for the consumables.  We managed to scrape together some fresh clothes from the wreckage, but whoever blew through here before us took everything of use.  I think the others are worried about just how much of this district has been picked clean, but no-one has said anything yet.  No-one wants to make something big out of this by shaping it into sound.

We have enough water for tomorrow, and we just finished the last of the food.  There’s another place not too far away we can try; we should get there after a few hours’ walking.  The roads are too clogged to be able to get a vehicle going here, and the fuel tanks we tested were all dry anyway. 

The doctor said last night that they had collected as much fuel as possible to run the hospital’s generators.  Teams of people went out and did it – he doesn’t know how far they got, but we aren’t likely to find gas within a day or two’s walk of the building.  So I guess that answers that question.  We’ll try for cars again when the roads are clearer.

I tried to talk to Sax today, but he’s closed up for some reason.  He’s focussed on looking after Nugget and won’t be drawn into anything else.  He’s keeping her well away from the doctor and Sally, but I don’t think either of them would actually hurt her.  I wish I knew what was going on with him.

Thorpe’s more grumpy than ever and has barely spoken to anyone.  He is more open about shooting the pair venomous glances.  Unlike with Sax, I’m glad that he’s kept to himself today.

Sally seems to be holding up pretty well.  She’s pale and shaky, but she isn’t complaining.  I don’t think she dares to.  The doctor hasn’t really been with us; he might have got through the worst of the drug withdrawal, but he hasn’t come out of it yet.  I wonder if he ever will – there seems to be something deep-settled about his vagueness.  Sally has been steering him in the right direction; she’s his only saving grace right now.


I’m trying to feel good about all this today.  I’m not going to let the little stuff bother me.  Either there’s food there tomorrow or there isn’t – worrying about it now won’t change that.  Either the doctor will get better or he won’t.  The others just need time to get used to him and Sally, to forgive them.

Sax just started singing.  Let’s see if we can get the others to join in.  Let’s see if we can sound like a group again.