Sunday, 3 May 2009 - 8:53 pm


We didn’t expect to find our answer today.

After yesterday’s disappointment, we had all mentally moved on. We had given up on ever finding out what happened to our friend, and what the sickness might truly do to someone. We had tried and failed. We had other places to go, other things we should be chasing, so we packed up this morning to do that. We didn’t want to dwell on these unpleasant, unknowable maybes.

The truth wasn’t ready for us to give up on it. When we stopped looking, it came to find us.

Yesterday, we were ready for it. We were braced for it, prepared for impact, and wobbled a little when nothing came.

Today, we were looking the wrong way. When it hit us, we weren’t ready. Now, hours later, we’re still in shock.

I can’t talk about it now. The sound of typing is loud in the house we found to huddle in. The only sound is Sally trying not to cry. I don’t think anyone has said anything since we scrabbled onto the scooters and fled.

Sax is not as dead as when we left him. He’s not Sax any more, either.

I can’t do this now. I’ll explain tomorrow. Once I’ve stopped shaking.