Sunday, 17 May 2009 - 5:49 pm

Someone to save

Today was much like yesterday, except that Ben was quieter. He didn’t wake up at all, not even when we tried to give him something to drink.

I sat with him all day, watching him breathe. A couple of the others came over to relieve me, but I didn’t let them. I should be with him now. I think it’s all the time we’ve got left.

Sometime this afternoon, I called Masterson over. There was a rash creeping up Ben’s neck, just like the one we saw on Sax’s arm not long before he died.

I think tonight’s going to be a long night.


Something occurred to me today while I was monitoring the rise and fall of Ben’s chest. I could hear Dillon talking to someone else, asking about Alice and if she was like this. I guess she is, or has been. Poor Alice, losing her family and her face, and now her life.

It reminded me about where the Pride caught us – right outside the mall. They were very focussed on us, but they were scouring all the stores along that street. How long before they broke into the mall? Had any of them seen the Rats locking us out and watching us through the tinted windows?

Had we told Paige about the Rats and the mall? I can’t remember now. I don’t think we did; we asked about Alice, but I can’t remember anyone mentioning where we thought she might have gone.

I can’t bear to think about what will happen if the Pride find the Rats. I know how they looked at Dillon and what Sally did for us. Those kids weren’t bad, not anything like some of the other groups we’ve seen. They just wanted to protect the little they had and survive.

I want to go back and get them. I want to help those kids. I want to save them, but I know I can’t. There’s Ben, and we’re probably already too late, and what could we do anyway? We barely got away in one piece as it was. We can’t fight a gang with guns.

I don’t want this. I can’t think about those kids in the Pride’s hands. I can’t sit here next to Ben. But I have to. There’s no-one else left to take care of this stuff any more.

What else can I do? I wish there was someone here to tell me. I wish there was someone I could save.