Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 7:57 pm

Turtle talk

The rain has pounded on the roof all day today. It slacked off a little during the night, but it didn’t stop like it usually does. Green-tinged rivulets run down the glass walls, with the orange tint of the sun throwing shadow snakes across the floor. Thunder has been circling us like a wolf scenting out its prey, or perhaps it’s just trying to make us nervous.

It’s working. Tensions have been bubbling under every encounter today. I’ve had to pull people out of discussions that were escalating towards violence a couple of times, and a hushed agreement between us Seekers has at least two or three of us watching over the packs all the time. We don’t trust the Wolverines not to steal what we’ve so painfully collected. Stay in pairs, I told them. Don’t go anywhere alone.


So we stayed together and chatted today, just us Seekers. We left the Wolverines to their own devices and I ignored the sounds of them playing some kind of game in the showroom. Things broke. I tried not to care. Our group made up games and talked, huddled in mounds of blankets against the cold. Like turtles fighting off hibernation, not quite ready to pull our heads in and sleep.

Some of us did sleep. I nodded off on Matt’s shoulder at one point, and I caught sight of Sally doing the same, curled up with her head in Masterson’s lap and her arms wrapped around the bundle that had Nugget in it.

As days go, it was better than most we’ve spent recently.