Monday, 5 January 2009 - 4:37 pm

We’re not alone

The tunnel was terrifying.  I feel like I’m back in a horror movie again, all shadows and creeping noises.  We’re still trapped inside it, listening to the hiss of the rain and watching the floor for runoff. 

We’re not alone down here.

The stupid dog won’t stop barking.  It’s dark down here, suffocatingly so.  But the acid keeps us away from the open mouth, keeps us huddling in the shadows while the sun dies under the pounding of poisoned water.

I wonder what will happen if the drains all fill up.  Now I wish I hadn’t thought about that.


Wait, the dog’s gone quiet.  Somehow that’s worse than the damn thing making all that noise.  Better go see what’s up – I’ll be right back.