Tuesday, 20 January 2009 - 6:45 pm

Where the people went

I told the others what the doctor said.  They weren’t impressed – well, Thorpe wasn’t impressed, and he speaks loudly in our small group.  He’s determined to think the worst of everything, it seems. 

There’s something in it, I’m sure of it.  In amongst his ramblings, Masterson knew something that we can use.  He said that people went to the source of the signals, and the patients didn’t just get up and walk out.  A lot of them died, but not all; some are just gone.  Where?  Who took them, and why?

Ben suggested that the call probably came from the Emergency Coordination Centre, the place set up to handle big emergencies.  Like, say, a huge bomb destroying the city and poisoning everything.  The ECC had been coordinating the firefighters and ambulances, before the radios all went dead.  He didn’t know much; Carter had been the one in touch with the organisation, not him or Thorpe.

It’s something.  It’s something for us to focus on.  Somewhere here, there should be the details of the ECC – address, radio details.  The phones are down, so numbers are useless, but the radios used to work.  Ben and Thorpe still have one, though the battery ran down a couple of weeks ago.

I asked Sax if he could rig a charger for it, like he did for my laptop.  Tomorrow we’re gonna try to put the pieces together, see what kind of shape it makes.  Tomorrow we might have a purpose and a place to go again.