Saturday, 27 December 2008 - 11:07 am


We still haven’t left the city.  We found a couple of executives trying to climb out of a building – I’m fairly sure it used to be a law firm.  Like the one that Cody works for.  Worked for.  He might still be alive, but the law firm isn’t.  I don’t think he was at work that day, though.  I hope not.  I really hope not.

Anyway, there were these two in suits.  It took us ages to get them out of there.  The woman still had her high heels on, trying to slither over the rubble that had choked up the access to the ground.  The fella had at least got rid of his tie, though he wouldn’t relinquish his briefcase.  He hugged it to his chest as he struggled down, much like the woman was doing with her handbag.

I can’t blame him.  I’ve been carting my laptop around in my bag in much the same protective way, though mine at least slings to my back and doesn’t get in the way.  I have no intention of giving it up for anyone. Writing all of this down helps me, even if it doesn’t help me make sense of any of it.  But it’s more than that. It seems necessary to hold onto it, and I couldn’t say why.

He’s looking at me now, the guy with the briefcase, as if he wants the laptop.  What’s he going to do with it, play solitaire until the battery runs down?  Doesn’t he know that there’s nothing beyond its plastic case for it to connect to any more?


There was a strange thump just now.  Something’s humming.  Oh god, I think a light just came on.  The power’s back!  Someone turned the power back on.


The ground is shaking.  I can hear metal tearing– oh god, it’s so close.